1978. Callaghan was in power presiding overa country that was tearing itself apart over the Winter of Discontent and the price of a pint was 20p.

It was at this time that a group of late teenagers were planning their assault on the long and winding road that is Rock and Roll.

Rev: Voice Charlie: Guitar
Jake: Lead Guitar Scotty: Bass
John: Drums

Inspired by the sound of the punk and new wave movement the five lads started writing their own brand of punk/ pop music that was sweeping the nation.

Scotty: ” We were so into the whole scene, it was a fantastic time to be in a band”.

The Trend was born. The whole spirit of punk/ powerpop was very much D.I.Y. and the first batch of gigs saw the band hiring the local Town Hall to see what the response to their music would be. In short it was phenomenal. The Trend soon became local celebrities but they had there sights set much further than that.

Jake: “We started playing more venues around Manchester and pretty soon the bigger gigs started contacting us”. The band had secured a regular gig at The Duke of Wellington in Swinton and were soon earning enough forthem to self finance theirown single.

Two local DJ ‘s John Woodruff and Peter Sharatt presented the Saturday Rock Show on BBC Radio Manchesterand invited The Trend in foran interview, they were so impressed by the band and the big following the band had amassed they decided to offer ┬átheir services to co-manage the band alongside their personal manager Richard Vincent. John Woodruff was a bit of a technical genius and was soon drafted in as the bands producer recording “Teenage Crush” as the debut single on theirown Trendy Records . The single was released reaching number 20 in the Alternative Chart and Single of the Week in Record Mir or.

Rev: “The momentum was massive, I still remember being at a friends house listening to Radio1 when Mike Read announces and here’s The Trend with their debut single Teenage Crush”. It wasn’t long until the major record companies started turning up at the gigs, all the publicity that the debut single had created with some gigs attracting two ormore record company executives at a time. The bands managers decide (aftermany meetings and lots of negotiation) to go with MCA Records with the band signing a Worldwide Contract.

London was calling. MCA had asked Liam Sternberg who was House Producer at Stiff Records to produce The Trend, he came up to Manchester to see the band perform and to decide on which songs he thought were potential singles.

Charlie: “It was great meeting up with a top producer and discussing where we could be recording. Exciting times”. The band went to London to record foursongs for the next two single releases.

John: “He decided to record us using the Stiff Mobile Recording Studio and Basing Street Island Records studio forthe overdubs and mixing”. The band were on a roll playing at all the major London venues (Marquee, Rock Garden etc), various gigs up and down the country and all their regular gigs back in Manchester. It was decided by the record company that a major tour was needed so The Trend found themselves on their first majorfull tour supporting Rock Legends Wishbone Ash. The records were selling well but the consensus was that a major push via the tour and full page ads in the Music Press was what was required.

It was now the Summer of 1980 and The Trend were looking at recording their fourth single for MCA. Top songwriter Tony Mcauley had been brought in much to the bands dismay and off they went down to the big smoke once again recording their fourth single for MCA. With disappointing sales coming from their final effort the friction within the band was telling and by the Winter of that year they decided to disband with all the members going of to work on their various musical projects that would appear over the following years.

36 years laterand Rev was contacted by Tony Mercer, promoter and one time fan long ago. His idea was to put on a gig featuring The Salford Jets, The Trend, Fast Cars and Mad Jacks Travelling Circus all stalwarts of the old “Duke of Wellington” days in 1979. Rev contacted the band members and over a few drinks in the local hostelry discussed the project. It was decided that a musical get together would be the best starting point. A rehearsal was penciled in.

Rev: ” I was gobsmacked, we got back together and it felt like we hadn’t stopped playing alongside each other. Don’t forget this was 36 years on from the last time we had played together”.

The Trend have just played their first two sold out reformed gigs and a Theatre in Swinton has been booked for two nights in May where the 4 bands will be performing.

Charlie: ” Astonishing really, we set up a Facebook Page and put a video of out first rehearsal on it which has had 16,000 views. I knew we were well liked but the response has been fantastic “.

The Trend are releasing an Anthology of their work and are booking and playing venues now.

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